Offering Affordable Optometry Services
The gift of sight should never be taken for granted yet 99% of people fail to get their eyes checked regularly. This leads to unhealthy eyes and in really severe cases, irreparable eye damage. You can avoid these complications entirely by scheduling regular visits to your optometrist. Regular visits will provide extremely important monitoring and prevent serious problems down the road.

Regular visits are even more important for people who wear prescription glasses or contact lenses. An optometrist will ensure you are wearing the right prescription and in the case of contact lenses, ensure that your eyes are not responding poorly to continued wear.

Our core mission here at Katelyn Nguyen OD Inc. is to provide the highest level of care to all our patients. We take extra special care to ensure that a patient’s genetic disposition, eye care history and personal aspirations for their eyes drive the service we deliver.

We don’t take shortcuts so you’ll never have to worry about getting a wrong prescription for your glasses or contact lenses. Our highly qualified staff and extensive experience in providing the most cutting edge and specialist eye care provides peace of mind and above all, excellent vision.

Let us get you started on the road to excellent eye care. Our friendly team is on hand to help you – schedule your check-up by giving us a call today.